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Distribution of the MWF libraries is a tightly controlled process. This is because there are so many web sites depending upon the reliability of each release to keep their individual site up and running. And because a down site means lost revenue. The distribution process is designed with this in mind.

Each distribution consists of the CSS and JavaScript files needed for a specific release package, including all of the regional variations for that release. Each distribution is the culmination of multiple development and testing teams working together in two-week sprints to release a new set of features and bug fixes. The release version numbering system makes each distribution easily identified. And, when the distribution is finally released, it is fully available to all regions through the CDN site. Furthermore, each new release is added to the previous release, not just replacing it, so that sites remain stable until a smooth migration to the new release can be made.


MWF uses a semantic versioning system based on a major and minor release levels. At the present time, the current release is 1.20.0.

Version Example Description
Major 1.xx.x This release level represents a major change to the library API and is not guaranteed to be backward compatible with previous releases.
Minor x.01.x This release level represents a (mostly) backward-compatible collection of new features and bug fixes.
Patch x.xx.1 This release level represents incremental bug fixes that are not generally available nor recommended for production use. These releases appear irregularly during a sprint to allow testing of bug fixes. When they are available through CDN, they are exclusive to the ci channel path and will usually be removed after a 15 minute TTL.