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Imagery - products

Product renderings should be simple, graphic and iconic. Think premium. The product is the main focus and the best angles for each device should be carefully considered. Device images capture and communicate both functional attributes and, more importantly, the emotional impact of our products.

Perspective and composition

Perspective is realistic, leaning towards isometric and orthographic. Compositions are realistic, objects are grounded and highlight relative scale.


Environment is subtle and nondescript. Colors should be neutral colors only, preferably MS Brand grays. Subtle tones in the environment and shadows are critical to enhance realism.

Lighting and shadows

Lighting should be diffused and natural, utilizing a single light source. Shadows are an integral part of the image.


Product materials respond appropriately to the environment and nearby objects. The user interface should not be interrupted by glare. Texture and depth of field add softness.


Materials and lighting can be more dramatic in the macro shots to highlight features.

Premium UI

Product screen fills feature views that are authentic, inspiring, and motivational. Any lifestyle photography used in this context adheres to our imagery guidelines.


Examples of proper product imagery.
Examples of proper product imagery.
Examples of proper product imagery.
Examples of proper product imagery.


Different light sources
Busy graphics
Distorted depth of field
Awkward composition

Examples of incorrect product imagery.
Examples of incorrect product imagery.